Our Valuable Volunteers and Their Various Ventures: Natalie

Our volunteer for today is Natalie. Natalie is a self-professed ‘history geek’. As it is proper for a history geek, I first saw her while she was buried in the old documents, surrounded by huge dusty tomes, logs and journals.


Natalie hunting for Mr Dawe

Natalie is combing the teachers’ and students’ logbooks and various other documents in search for traces of Mr Dawe. Dave was a local man from Plymouth. He travelled to London to learn about teaching and modern ways of education. Later on, he became the headmaster of the St Mark’s College in Chelsea. Too bad he couldn’t wait a hundred years for the College to come to him:-). Natalie is looking into learning more about him and his life. It’s the stories like his that are the building blocks of our history.

Another project she is interested in is the life of early students, especially the Victorian ones. ‘It is interesting to see what student’s life was like’ she said. I have found this subject very interesting too, as it puts in perspective our own experiences with higher education.  I am looking forward to cooperating with Natalie, as she is one of those people we really need, with the passion and the patience to go with it.


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