Our Valuable Volunteers and Their Various Ventures: David

Today I bring you another dose of the volunteers’ profile because of the timetable chaos that inevitably rose from the beginning of the academic year.

Another person that sacrifices his time for the good of the archives is David. David moved to Plymouth 20 years ago and fell in love with the rich history of the region. His inspiration was the very old wall that was left from the Stonehouse fortifications. This contact with a real part of history made motivated him to volunteer his services at Plymouth Volunteer Centre. Through them he found Marjon archives and stayed, since that suited his historical interests best.


David is our veteran volunteer, since he participated in the project titled ‘One man’s life- the search for John Coulson Babbage’. It is still displayed on the wall outside of the archives.

This brings me to his current project, which I find extremely important. He is the driving force behind the digitization of our archives. ‘If anything happens to that room’ he pointed towards our very cramped archives ’a fire or something, we could lose it all.’ In this I strongly agree with him. We are slowly approaching a two hundred years’ worth of accumulated history, yet we are very behind in our care for it.  We need it preserved and easily accessible, not only for the history buffs, but also for everybody who would research it for some reason or another. With his background in IT and 3D modelling, David is more than qualified for this very serious project. I hope it can get off ground very soon because you know what they say: ‘tide and time wait for no man’ and the longer we wait, the more work is to be done.


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