Our Valuable Volunteers and Their Various Ventures: David.

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our voluntary team. David came to  Photo0165us the usual way, through the volunteer centre in Plymouth. His background is in mental health and counselling, but he felt it was high time to look into different alleys of interests. ‘I don’t want to study people anymore, I want to study things.’ he said. From the beginning he had his heart set on volunteer in in a museum or a university. David loves history, but it is the first time he pursues his historical passions in an active way. David is a person gifted with an inquisitive mind and great attention to details.

His project has all to do with the state of the education in the Victorian times and its comparison with the current one. Back then both access and attitude towards it was very different. Having children in the education system, he is often astonished how often the education is being taken for granted today.   The project is in still its initial stages and it is still unknown what kind of shape will it take. Right now, David is researching the subject and making notes in preparation. I believe this project will truly be something special. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

In the future, David want to pursue more projects, perhaps something involving an outreach program for young people. I can only admire such dedication and patience. This would be a truly ambitious project.


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