Albert and Equiano

With the release of ‘Django’ and now ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ we can see a revival of the subject of slavery in the art industry. This seems to be a good time to remind ourselves about the play that one of our students wrote and that was performed in and outside Marjon. ‘Albert and Equiano’ is a story of a disgruntled museum employee that comes across an unusual portrait. Through the portrait of Olaudah Equiano, Albert he learns the true story of this man. Equiano’s life story of hardships and indignities played an important role in abolishing the slavery in the UK. He gained his own freedom, but never stopped to work for the freedom of others. This play was written by one of our students, Jayne Newton Chance and then turned and staged as a participatory drama by David Oddie, who was then a lecturer and is the founder of the Plymouth Barbican Theatre company.


Pictures from the original staging of ‘Albert and Equiano’ 1987.

‘Albert and Equiano’ was adapted and staged many times. Most recently as 2007 and for the first time in 1987. It was then a part of the Indra Congress that is an organization concerned with the transformation of the conflicts through art. They created workshops tied to the plat. They concerned the issues such as anti-racism, diversity, equal opportunities awareness.

We can never forget about the problem of slavery and we can’t stop talking about it until slavery is eradicated from the face of the world. In Marjon we talk about it in classes, but we also spoke out to the wide world about it, thanks to the work of our students and teachers.


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