Our Valuable Volunteers and their Various Ventures: Ron

We had a nice influx of new volunteers recently, so once again I can pPhoto0195roudly present one of the people who offer their time to the archives. This week I’d like you to meet Ron. Ron is 68 years old and had just retired after a full career as a mechanical engineer.

This change in his life has left him with a lot of free time. He decided that this is a great opportunity for him to expand his horizons and exercise his mind at the same time. It is never too late to develop one’s mind and Ron is doing just that, using his ‘golden years ‘ to pursue new things.

Ron is a person with a head full of ideas. At the moment his project is concerned with researching the history of the Battersea Club. However, Ron has a long-term research plans and ideas. He is determined to research the masonic influences in Marjon because of his personal interests. He also admitted that he had a family member that was a Marjon’s student. His grandfather attended Marjon somewhere around fifties or sixties, so he will definitely take some time to track him down and see what informations we can provide about him.

I can say that Ron caught our ‘archive bug’, just as I did when I came here. ‘I want to be here even when I’m even older and dustier.’ he said. We all are surely glad to have another dedicated person onboard, the more the merrier.



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2 responses to “Our Valuable Volunteers and their Various Ventures: Ron

  1. Sarah Geoffrey

    This is my dad a top man with a lot to offer! Makes me very proud x

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