Rescue on the Moor- a reprise

I love reading old Marjon Magazine issues. There is always something interesting- an article, an interview or even an old advertisement. However sometimes what goes into the print is just an abridged version- something that got a little column in the magazine can be a story in itself. In the 2000 issue there was a small mention of the rescue that took place on the moors. A group of Marjon students rescued two men that got lost. In the publication materials I’ve found the letter that was sent to the principal and which tells the story in details.

Don't let the cute ponies fool you! Dartmoor is still a wilderness.

Don’t let the cute ponies fool you! Dartmoor is still a wilderness.

Two men went for a walk on the moors: Colonel Geoffrey Sharland and David Purnell. They had left Dartmoor Training Centre at 11 a.m. The two sensor gentlemen had neglected to take necessary preparations for a trek like that and by the 6 p.m. they have been completely lost, without mobile phone or even a compass. They have been traversing bogs, streams and tussock and three were exhausted and without means to get home. With little choice they had, they made their way to a nearby tor. They had hoped to get themselves to a dryer terrain and if there would be no rescue coming- to get ready to spend the night in the moors. But those two have been in luck! Just before 7p.m a group of Marjon students answered their calls for help. They were the students of the third year of B. Ed. Secondary, training on the moors that day. The rescued gentlemen highly praised our students for their patience and skill in the letter. ‘There were no whisper of blame for our idiocy on venturing on the moor so ill equipped; our wives have since made up for that omission’- they said in the letter, which made me smile.

It all happened more than ten years ago, but it still makes me happy that all ended well and furthermore, our students had a chance to be heroes!







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