Our Valuable Volunteers and Their Various Ventures: D Wood.

Photo0215Today I want to present to you a truly impressive lady. D Wood is a person with an academic background and the research is something that is familiar to her. Those are some of the reasons why she chose the Marjon archives as her next project. ‘I wanted to see what kind of the archives Marjon has’ she said. Right now she is researching the chapel of St Marks, the pictures and info that concerns the building. This project might turn into a display one day, so keep your eyes open.

D Woods says that after that project end, she might look into the past of Marjon to find what kind of arts and crafts were taught here. At one point we used to teach practical trades, including woodworking and ceramics, so she is bound to find plenty of materials to research.

What really impressed me about her is the amount of work she does pro public bono. Marjon archives are her third volunteering project. She is involved with the Plymouth Arts Centre, especially with their film programme. She is a part of the ‘Arts and Minds’ programme, that just started its run. It involves art classes for people with early dementia to help them exercise their minds and motor functions. If you’re not impressed with that, there is no hope for you:-)

So there you have it, a volunteer who actually knows what she’s doing:-)


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