Beyond genius loci

I have always felt comfortable around the campus. I’d say the place has a very positive feel about it. It feels youthful and full of energy, but not frantic overly busy. But there is something else beyond the spirit of the place; it’s the attitude of the people around here. Here is a prime example of what I’m talking about:

26This is the picture taken soon after the colleges of St Mark’s and St John merged. Those boys are the first mixed soccer team. The two colleges used to have teams that fought against each on the sport’s battlefield, each defending their goal posts to the last man. And now they are standing together, without proper kit’s, each wearing a different jersey, but determined to be the best team for their newly merged school.

46And on this one, forty years has gone by and here they meet again, not one of them missing. I find it amusing how the fashion made them uniformly clothed while the school could not. Also note the war memorial on the wall behind them, like a shadow of those who can never return to visit their old school.

group photoAnd finally here are we- the archive’s volunteers. We are team of people equipped with different ideas and skills, with different projects and reasons , but we all sacrifice our time and effort for the archives.
I guess that the whole Marjon is like that: a rag-tag bunch, not always perfectly organized, with mismatched equipment and chairs that wouldn’t slide underneath the tables. But would we ever let that down? Never!:-)


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