Mark speaks at Mental Health Awareness Week event and also some shameless bragging


A small sample of Mark’s work outside of MSU

Remember Mark and his project? Some of his work is being displayed in the corridor opposite the MSU offices, so if you have minute check them out. But today he was presenting his work and the ways he copes with anxiety at a walk-in session at the private dining room at Marjon. He was showing and talking about his best work, but also explained how he uses his hobby to calms himself down in a stressful situation. Sometimes just the assuring weight of his camera is enough to reassure him, and in extreme cases he takes it out and removes himself by zooming the lens on a distant object. This way he created some beautiful artwork and became a master of macrophotography. It is not easy for some people to be in crowds and talk to a large number of unknown people, but Mark handled it like a champ and created a substantial interest in his work and techniques. Well done! And if the topic of mental health is very important to you or you want to know more about facts and myths about mental health, check out You’ll find it interesting.
20140514_190420As for shameless bragging, yesterday I attended the Inspiring Student and Led Teachings Awards ceremony where yours truly was an nominee for the Outstanding Contribution category. I got the nomination for this very blog. I didn’t win the award, but it is still nice to be recognized for the work I do with a cretificate. I had a good time, the reception was an exclusive, closed door affair, with a Sinatra-singing performer to entertain us. It was fun and I was especially happy to see some of my lecturers winning the awards as they were well deserved. Right, I’m done bragging now:-)Award


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