Our Valuable Volunteers and their Various Ventures: Alasdair

Photo0230Meet Alasdair, the archive wizard with mad skills. He is a man of patience and attention to detail, but most of all, he has something that none of our motley crew has: a real life archive job experience. He used to work for a record office and enjoyed it greatly. He even got himself into Masters programme in Archiving, but unfortunately it was not meant to be.

He said that he chose Marjon archives for the scope and variety of the collection. ‘There is so much learn and I enjoy learning’- that’s something we all feel.

Right now he is working with the official documents concerning the move that Marjon made from London to Plymouth. The timeframe for those is the 70’s and 80’s. I have seen the scope of the work that lies ahead of Alasdair and I can say that he have his work cut out for him. Right now he is extremely busy with cataloguing and arranging them in order, so they can easily be accessed when needed. This is going to take some time, that’s why Alasdair has no definite plans for his next project. However, there is a possibility that he will work with the digitization of the archives, because of his computing experience.

Alasdair appearance is good news, because If there is one thing we have, it’s the abundance of old dusty papers. And now we have somebody who knows what order they should go and is not afraid of dust mites:-)


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