Little Discoveries

Sometimes the archives offer significant discoveries, such as lost poems of a well-known author or information about somebody who was first at something. But sometimes the discoveries can be quite small and seemingly insignificant, but that doesn’t mean that they are worthless. On contrary they might be the ones that bring the most joy.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of exlibris or bookplate. Those are small labels, prints or stamps that are sometimes put inside a book to mark them as somebody’s property. Some of them can be quite elaborate and beautiful. Many libraries used to have their exlibri and the library of Marjon had one too. After the merger of the two colleges a new bookplate was designed to replace the respective exlibri of the two colleges. There were at least two designs, but both included the lion and the lamb of the Evangelists. Here is one that is the most common in the books of the archive collection.


But one of the books had escaped the change of the bookplates. It is a dictionary of the Middle-English and it boasts this beautiful, pre-merger bookplate:


A small thing, but made my day.


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