New from old

I’ll interrupt the scheduled programme to tell you this story:

Our new map display in full

Our new map display in full

The word for this week is ‘upcycling’. Upcycling is not the term you’d normally associate with archives. There is a conflict between the idea of preserving and the idea of reusing. Old fortresses were sometimes deconstructed and the building materials were used to build other things, thus destroying both the place and the memory. But sometimes, upcycling can be used to preserve or illustrate the memories. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Marjon archives’ newest project: the spare maps from the defunct

Very retro UK map has its separate place

Very retro UK map has its separate place

geography department are being used to decorate the corridor walls. But those maps are not only a decoration. They will be used to illustrate various things. The big retro map of the United Kingdom will be used to track the flow of students to old Colleges. The maps of London will be used to pinpoint the places that were connected to both schools. The rest of the maps will be a place for the volunteers to display their work. Each of us chose a place we like best. People have complicated feelings towards their places and our wall is a proof that the strongest feelings are not always towards the place of one’s birth. We chose by heart, not by the initial allegiance. I don’t know if there is a science that studies the feelings that people have for places, but there should be one.

Now I only need to find some interesting pins:-)


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