All you ever wanted to know about Marjon’s founders but were afraid to ask: Coleridge, the man who stayed.

In case you missed the beginning…
…And some of the background.
Don’t forget to meet the man that could.


The bust of Derwent Coleridge- one of our unique objects.

The bust of Derwent Coleridge- one of our unique objects.

What I can really say about him is that he must have been a tough cookie. Being born a child of Samuel Taylor Coleridge was no walk in the park. Celebrity parent- enough said.

You know what they say:’ Some people are born to greatness, other have it thrust upon them’. Coleridge was much like that. All he wanted was to get on with his life and his career. He wanted to write and to be an influential figure in the Church of England. But it turned out that he was really good at teaching and organizing things. He already knew how to make a proper school, since he practically built the school in Helston from the ground up. That’s why he was appointed a principal of St Marks College in 1841.

But unlike Kay-Shuttleworth, who after two years went to do other fabulous things, Coleridge remained the principal for over twenty years. He too understood the need for an organized, widespread education. As a minister, he had contact with the poorest of his parishioners and he felt that the country, as an organization, has failed its citizens. However he also understood what was wrong with the way the knowledge was passed down. ‘He cannot teach what he does not know. He cannot explain what he does not understand. He must himself be educated before he can educate others.’ he said. He knew that education is not only passing of the facts, but also a training of intellect and thus understanding is superior to memorizing.

And if all of that doesn’t persuade you, just look at our motto: Abeunt studia in mores- Studies are transformed into character. That’s what Coleridge often quoted and that’s what education meant to him-not only gaining knowledge, but a betterment of a person. He is not called a ground-breaking pioneer, but his legacy is that of the hearts and minds of people. He was of great influence among his students and that’s how he is remembered. He is someone who changed lives and in a way, he continues to do so even today.


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