The secret life of the war memorials.

Short this week and more of a reflection than a story. I was helping with filing forms to register our war memorials in the Imperial War Museum’s registry.

Unless you are involved in some way in the affairs of preserving the past, you have no idea about the secret lives of historical objects. Take our memorials: We know that there is a name not included. Apparently this is not as uncommon as you might think. People move away, errors are made, documents go missing etc. The memorials are meant to last forever, but they also can be damaged by weather and other circumstances.

There are various organizations that take care of war memorials and sometimes help with funding a restoration and correction of memorials. Like this one. Of course there are conditions to meet and paperwork to fill to get a grant. It’s all very complicated as it always is when money is involved.

Everybody know about the whole industry of restoring and preserving monuments and works of art. It must be much easier for big museums and great art galleries. But what about us, the small fish? How many hoops must we jump through to be seen? History is not equal in all places it seems, it has its stars and unknown potentials too…Or maybe I’m just prejudiced because I stood for two hours trying to transcribe all the names on the memorial:-)


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