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As I mentioned before, my blog post ‘8 quirky things about Marjon’ was just adapted to a display in the library. I could tell you about the realities of inadequate display capabilities, but I hate to repeat myself and whining is bad for your skin anyway:-)
No, I think I want to say something about creativity and how it relates to what we do in the archives. Before I came to the archives I never thought that creativity can be of any use for that kind of work. And yet we have two photographers in our ranks. Soon we might also have a quite skilled drawing artist. I am using my creative writing skills to write a new story about the archives every week. However, this is only the one of the ways I can exercise my creativity. While working on the display I felt I could utilise much more than that. No matter how good it is to write about things, there is something special in assembling something with your own hands. From the planning stage, through the agonizing over the arrangements and preparing the materials, until the final moment when you know it is finish. Now I can enter the library, look right and left, then say to myself: ‘I made that’. I just hope that the new students aren’t too stressed to notice the display. And I know there are much more in the archives that just beg to be shown to the world. Well, maybe some day:-)



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