Displays’ aftermath

Recently I have seen how much care goes in the preparation of a display. But what happens when everything is over and the display is taken down? I never thought of asking that question, but the answer is: they land in a big box. 🙂
I busied myself recently with sifting through what have left after a dozen of displays. The pictures, dummy prints, labels- all mixed up thoroughly with the paper decorations. The winter stars with remembrance poppies, blue tack sticking to everything like ancient toothpaste. In short- huge mess. It fell to me to separate the wheat from the chaff and see if there is anything useful in the tangled jungle of old papers. Good display materials on one pile, fatigued on the other, scrap paper to the side… It took me three hours to see the bottom of the box. Maybe I missed my calling; maybe I should have become a saint.:-)
It might be good if we could do that early on. Dismantle, sort, put away. Some places have people employed just to do that. Then we would have one label stating who Kay-Shuttleworth was, instead of the four I found. 🙂 But in the end, that kind of work wasn’t without its rewards. I got to see new pictures, read what questions were put in the exams in early 1900s’ and found some interesting subject for future posts. Overall- a day well spent.
In a way, a display is like a Buddhist sand mandala- built to be seen for a short period of time, and then dismantled. It is impermanent, so go see one while you can. It will become a pile materials soon enough.

Displays dismantled- when the learning becomes papercut hazard

Displays dismantled- when the learning becomes papercut hazard


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