A Long Way Home

Welcome home! The postcards that travelled through time and space

Welcome home! The postcards that travelled through time and space

This is the story of three postcards that, like Lassie, came home. One is of the St. John’s Chapel, one is of a one of College’s footpaths and one is titled ‘The College from the Bridge’. A man named James Massey has sent those recently after his father recued them from the skip. Somebody nearby was connected to Marjon and either died or conducted a clean-up of a century. James never heard about Marjon before, and
inspired by the photographic postcards decided to investigate. His family lived in Battersea for many years and he knows the surrounding area very well. Having only those three images to guide him, he set out to find out where the college was. He went to research in his local library, which has an album of Marjon students that dates back to 1930. After some searching he found the old Marjon site, which is now a residential area. He found out where the College went to and finally he sent those postcards to the archives with a letter explaining how he came into possession of those and a story of his detective exploits. It amazes me how much effort he made to find all those information and contacting us. He must be some sort of local history buff. And thus the postcards came home- more than eighty years and more than 200 miles. And they have brought with them a story of perseverance and love for the place you live in.


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