Furniture future, furniture past.

Now that I’ve officially graduated everything became awfully nostalgic. I never thought I will ever feel anything but frustration at Marjon’s mismatched tables and chairs, the horrible desk-chair combos, the lecture theatre with no leg room. Now I would bear all of those with a smile if only I would be allowed back.T_T
And speaking of furniture, I had a good look at what once was considered state-of-the-art school equipment. Behold the St John’s College.

The Gymnasium

The Gymnasium

Ah, the gymnasium. Just look at that balancing bar, the austerity of that pommel horse. Maybe I’m sensitive, but they make me cringe. The back of it looks like the room doubled as a theatre. I haven’t seen such multipurpose room since…well…ever.
It kind of looks like safety risk to me, but the past was tougher and made do with less than we are.


Lecture theatre

Lecture theatre

Here is the lecture theatre. To tell the truth I am amazed how little changed. Sure, now we have computer projectors in place of blackboard, but the essence of the construct
remains the same. Long uncomfortable and hard seats?- check, weirdly shaped table
with no room for all the things?- check, complete with students that suffer that abominations?-Check and check.

The library

The library

Ladies and gentlemen: the library. Ok I must say that it baffles me why a table has normal chairs at one side and a bench on the other, but as a working space this isn’t half bad. The room looks well lit, there is plenty of space and there are no distractions anywhere in sight. With a bit of modernization it would fit our own standards pretty well.
Well, I covered the furnishing nightmares of St. John’s. Next time I promise to show something nicer, as the Battersea House is in fact very beautiful place.


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