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I’m sick and that is not conductive to researching the archives at all. There will be no posts for now, but I’ll still be publishing some sweet pictures I took digging through our material. So untill I feel better here is a picture titled ‘From a College Window’. It was drawn in one of scrapbooks we have. It is positively steampunk!:-) Note the Battersea power plant.



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Special Guests: Jan Gutheil

I am so used to thinking about people who came to Marjon all over the world to study. But I rarely see anyone who came a long way to work. A few weeks back, we had the pleasure to have Jan Gutheil as a guest of the archives. His path to Marjon was long and convoluted.
He is a student of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. That’s one of the oldest universities in Germany. He is in the middle of his English Studies MA and was required to complete an internship in an English-speaking country. As you might guess, this is not so simple as it might sound. He reached out to the Totnes European School and they in turn helped to arrange an internship with us. Confused yet?:-)
So now he is stuck within our library. Somebody suggested that he visit us just out of curiosity’s sake. Well, he patiently listened as I babbled about our great history and showed him around our dusty shelves. I must say that we rarely have guests that know nothing about the archives before coming to us and that is a shame since we look more and more like a museum than a regular stuff depository. Maybe in the future we will entertain more guests.

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