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The meeting against Racism and Facism poster. 'Be there!' or else

The meeting against Racism and Facism poster. ‘Be there!’ or else

At one point there were plenty of Marjon-made publications. From the official and professional-looking ones like Marjon Magazine and Cremorne review, to the button-and-string–budget, self-made newspapers like Ladle and the Marjargon. And the last one is the one we got our hands on recently. And the Marjargon is one that transcendents the typical humorous publication. I really wish we had more of those, but I guess those home-brewed project don’t stand well against the test of time.
Everything is a joke here, the editorials are full of banter between the editors, the headers marking the columns are housing puns and wordplays and the reader’s letters are way too bizarre to be real. For example, there was one that logically and with great arguments, went on to reason that the Youth Hostel Association is run by the Illuminati and why you should avoid shelter in their hostels during your holidays. The ‘Dailemas’ column contains congratulations

Che Guevara and exec reports. And the connection is...?

Che Guevara and exec reports. And the connection is…?

and commiserations, but very unlike any you ever read. A notable example: ‘Congratulations to the clever bugger who tried to break into the fruit machine and snapped the key off in the lock- it takes a thief not a pillock.’ Even the events advertisements are a bit surreal. The poster for debate about the facism and racism had a stern ‘Be there!’ order printed below the info.
The only thing that was half-serious is the strong influence of the ’80 Marjon Anti-Nuclear Society, that just restricted itself to printing satirical cartoons…well most of the time. In fact I’ll try and see if I can find something more about. And for the love of cheezburgers, can someone tell me why there is Che Guevara in the Execs report ’80-81?

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Dancing activists- political societies of the fifties in Marjon.

Because of the recent elections, I had a look in the past political life of Marjon. When you are young, you tend to express your convictions with the most passion and in the university there is a place for every conviction. In the 50’s it was easier of course; only three parties to align yourself with- the right, the left and the middle. In Marjon there were active societies for all three, even though the Liberal Society didn’t make an appearance until ’54. And the Communist Society had to be ‘swept under the rug’ and joined the Socialist Society. It is difficult for me to write about politics, I have the hardest time navigating the political rhetoric and the promises that the politicians make without batting an eyelid. When I was at school I studied the basics of democracy and other political systems, it must be even harder when your only knowledge is what you pieced together by yourself. I guess it was no different in the 50’s when the notes from the political societies were lamenting that the dancing societies were draining their members from the political activism. What I learned about the politic in general is that it doesn’t change. Of course the agendas come and go, but politicians seem to be remaining the same. Predominantly old, white dudes are singing the same songs about how: ‘many people were swayed by personal interests rather than voting for the good of the nation…’ (Marjon Magazine ‘55) and how ‘split the vote propaganda’ spoils everything ( ‘Even though you believe in Mun, vote for Bun in case Tun gets in.’ (Marjon Magazine ’55). Back then as it is now, the most popular political debates seem to be those that complain about the state of government and affairs in general, like the Conservative Society’s debate of ‘51: ‘This house is of the opinion that His Majesty’s Government has failed lamentably in his handling of domestic affairs in this country since 1945’. I guess there might come such a time when all of it becomes slightly tedious, no wonder that Marjon students wanted to go dancing for a change:-)

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How to Write Poetry- Marjon Style

Poetry is hard. Especially if you want to be serious about it. Luckily, it is not always a necessity. Today I have a recipe for a poem that is about as serious as a clown with a pie on his face. It was first published in the ‘Ladle’- a students’ humorous periodical. The writer is only credited as Sporus, so if you happen to know that person-let me know. So, let’s see how to write poetry- Marjon style:
If you’ve nothing to do for a minute or two
(Though you haven’t a clue in your head)
And you’d like the acclaim of the writers of fame
Whether living or mentally dead
Don’t try to write plays that would run for two days
Or pantomimes, all by yourself,
Or books of the kind that you constantly find
On the threepence of sixpenny shelf
Just think of a phrase, such as *crime never pays*
Or *dinner at seven in hall*
And write it down neatly, in part or completely
With no punctuation at all.
Now add a few more, such as *please shut the door*
Or *dresses in velvet or satin*
Repeat one or two (it’s the right thing to do)
Or write them down backwards, in Latin
Without an apology, take an anthology
Copy the list of first lines.
Leave marks exclamation of interrogation;
Omit the more usual signs.
Now give it a heading like *Grace Kelly’s Wedding*
(Or something that’s equally heady)
Make sure, by inspection, it bears no connection
With what you have written already.
You have now produced verse, modernistic and terse,
The M*rj*n will print it, no doubt.
But please never fret us with capital letters
it’s so much more cultured without.

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