A Dream of Newspaper Clippings

I went for a forced break for the past two weeks, so now I am really glad to be back.
Does anyone remember the times when people collected the newspaper clippings? Some people used to have quite collections. They’ve cut and keep the bits that they wanted to remember, whether it was a mention of a relative that got famous for five minutes or a completion of a community project in the neighbourhood. Marjon also used to do that; the department responsible for public relations used to keep the clippings that mention Marjon and from there they came to us, a hefty box-folder full of them. Yeah, so they’re newspaper clippings. So what, right? Maybe right now- not much. But we should remember we are living in the age of the decline of the printed word. One day, maybe quite soon, those are going to be historical documents. Unlike some other paper documents, made to withstand centuries, the newspapers are fragile. The paper is of a bad quality. Some of the clippings are no older than 2009, but they are already yellow and brittle. Newspapers are also, as far as I know, a first-hand source. I’ve found three of them that stood out to me among the sea of sport reports and complains about the student loans (some issues seem to be eternal :-).
maggieThe first one is about a woman in her sixties that decided to pursue a diploma in Marjon. Maybe one day her descendants will like to know what kind of woman the great-great-great-grandmother was. Or maybe this bit of information will stand to defend our age against future accusations of being completely and utterly ageist.
Another reports on a completion of a wall artmural in Plymouth by Marjon-trained artist. Now it is a display of pride we feel, knowing that Majon graduates are successful. In some time it might become a memory- the mural painted over to make room for something different, or a help in recreating it if it gets damaged.
legoThe third one speaks about a project that was once developed at Marjon- a fully programmable robot that you could build yourself as it could be assembled out of LEGO. My sci-fi mind runs wild with this one. Will a historian one day find it and realizes that we were not as bad at robotics as it was widely thought?
So, newspaper clippings- useless junk for us, goldmine for the future. It maybe sooner than we think.

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