War Memorial Fail

When I wrote about our war memorials a year back, there was this one thing I changed in my behaviour. I no longer pass the plaques, monuments and other memorials indifferently. There is something about standing and writing down the names that make you realize that it is exactly what they are for- reading the names that are written on them. And maybe this is a little bit out of the subject of this blog, but nonetheless I wanted to write something about what happened to me recently:
I was walking by the Torquay war memorial the other day and noticed a curious thing. The monument is surrounded by a low fence, a chain strung along stone posts. I came closer, looking for a way inside. I don’t have eagle’s eyes, and the writing on the plates are barely visible from behind the chain. But there is no break in the chain-fence. I can’t approach and read the names on the plaques. And what exactly is this fence keeping out? Alright, I am (fairly) able-bodied, and can cross this fence with one stride, but what about those who can’t? Can’t an older or disabled person read our memorial? The Torquay war memorial is thus defunct- it doesn’t work as it should if we can’t read the names. And if we can’t read the names, why is it even there?


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