Flash feelings- Tobin’s ‘Flash Words.’

Today’s book is a compilation of poems by Paul Tobin. Paul was one of Marjon’s students and nowadays he still works here. We have his Flash Words in our collection, and needless to say that the book is destined to grace our future display. He writes his poems on a wide range of subjects, touching the essence of the human condition. A special place in the book is dedicated to ‘Majon Cycle’, that represents his feelings and thoughts concerning Marjon itself. And it is here that’s where Paul’s words strike the truest, conveying what Marjon means to me, especially the no. 10 of the cycle. Let me show it to you:
10. The first real day of spring.
I shed my thick green coat
make small talk in the coffee queue
curse my forgotten travel cup
realise I am engaged with the now
rather than the chime of overlaid memories
perhaps I belong here.

Do you know this shiver in your spine, where the words of another person say exactly what you feel? That is the flash of finding a connection between two strangers as well as the silent prayer of every author; to understand and to be understood. Go and read Paul Tobin’s poetry, maybe you’d find it too.


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