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A small ripple in reality

I’ve always said that Marjon has its fingers in many pies. It has ties to many people, direct or indirect. Leo Tolstoy, Arthur Sullivan, John Ruskin. All those people were in one way or another influenced by Marjon. But it takes a small newspaper clipping to realize that the reality itself was influenced by it. The clipping itself, dated 1.11.93 marked as being from Evening Herald is a mini-article. It mentions someone reading Caroline Fox who was a Cornish diarist that was recording memories of well-known people. Fox mentions Coleridge and his aims to bring the education to the poor. But that’s not all. The article’s author(who sadly is anonymous right now) says: ‘It lead, according to the writers, to the institution of Anglican lay readers, who are, of course, members of the laity who can take many of the services.’
Boom! You live in a reality where Marjon changed the face of the Anglican Church. How is that as food for thought?

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Devon Family History Society AGM & Conference


Mistress Agnes and Master Christopher fro Swords and Spindles with yours truly

I’m interrupting the scheduled programme to tell you about the event I went to this past Saturday. I learned about Devon Family History Society AGM & Conference just a week before it was to be held and I decided to come and help with our archival exhibition. Apart from the talks and the lectures there were many people who came to exhibit. Even that I have no interest of researching my family history (I was born under a rock- enough said:-) I had a blast. There were so many interesting people from various organizations there was no dull moment. We had Fleet Air Arm Museum &
National Museum of the Royal Navy, Plymouth Postcard Club, Yealmpton Books, Swords and Spindles: Master Christopher and Mistress Agnes, One Place Studies and many more. There were books for sale, old postcards and albums for sale. I’ve talked to people who made careers of preserving history as well as those who recreate it for fun and profit. There were collectors and  visionaries and people who engage with the past on many levels and sometimes unexpected ways. Overall it was quite enjoyable afternoon and I also managed to gather some interesting material, so stay tuned!

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