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The Actor’s Wheel

When you live off campus, there is a chance that some things will pass you by. One of those things that passed me by was theatre. Marjon has its own  actor training company called  The Actor’s Wheel. They put up productions in Marjon’s own theatre in Desmond Tutu Building and then go on tour.  I have found posters and flyers of their past productions in our archives.

And if you feel like some theatre and want to support young thespians, here is the link to their website. Check out their new productions starting in may.

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Leavers’ Dinner

Leavers’ Dinner. Funny time to write about it. Usually held at the end of third’s year second semester. But this would be time for people to start thinking if they should like to go or not. (I didn’t go to mine if you’re wondering.)
As the Leavers’ Dinners are a long and well-established tradition, so are the menu retained in the archives. Here are some examples from the years passed.

Here we have the menus from 1947, 1985 and 1992.
A few fun facts pulled out of those:

  •  Ok, so I can’t read the menu from 1982 as it is completely in French, so if I had been there I would have not known what would come from the kitchen next. And ‘Carottes a la Vichy’ sounds kind of…political:-)
  •  The vegetarian option is absent from all of these except the 1992’s one, I guess before that you’d have to stuff yourself with potatoes and peas before that.
  • All of them state that the smoking at the table is permitted after the loyal toast or after the coffee had been served. Um…not that I’m vehemently anti-smoking but…
  •  Some copies of the menus are signed by the people attending, just a personal touch to the memento from that day.

So, here they are- just menus, but still quite fun.

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