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Good intentions are tough to execute pt.2

Pictures-everybody love them. We do too, but we love the ones that are annotated even more because it is better to know who is on them. It’s not only because you can put a name to a face, so you don’t just stare on bunch of unknown people. It’s because when a request for information comes, we can send over a picture alongside our findings. But, have you ever tried to find that one picture of your friend Andy from that time you went to a party dressed like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from 2001? Imagine just that, but with a stack of really old photos of people you’ve never met. So, the next project is listing the photos with the names attached to them so you can find that one guy you’re looking for. Except it’s another good intention that is tough to execute. Mostly because for some reason the names on the pictures are often tiny. Which leaves you squinting through the magnifier for an hour, hoping you’re getting it right. I don’t even know what kind of writing implement they have used, unicorn hair maybe? Here is the picture I took with the magnifier:


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