Guy Fawkes’ Day Commotion

The best stories in the archives, in my opinion, are the stories of the old days of the school(s). And the best of those again are the stories you come up while looking for something completely different. During one of ‘manhunts’ i.e looking for a past student of ours, I came across this memory from the very early days in St Mark’s Magazine(1894). The article was titled ‘Odd Moments 66-7’. One of those ‘moments’ goes like this:

‘The Vice-Principal in those days dear Freddy, objected to a bon-fire on Guy Faux(sic) Day- the Dad didn’t. Roughs came in from Fulham Road, kicked the fire about, and did other damage. Not content with that, they came in every night for a wee after and were objectionable. The First Room, baing select and god-like, wouldn’t do anything, the Green Room said ‘’shut the door’’, and were empathetic, while the Math was in those early days Radical and encouraged the people to kick up any row they like.’

It ended with the ‘Patriotic Second Room’  waiting in ambush for the roughs with ‘Two fencing sticks, an Indian club or two and other weapons.’

Well, let nobody tell you that today’s students are rowdy while the students of the past would be involved into all sorts of trouble, and very nearly started a gang war.



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