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Photo1365We had a very generous donation recently, consisting of three books. This is especially interesting because they are both about and by one of ours. Two were edited and one written by one of our past students, Peter Dickinson. He is a trustee of The Bernarr Rainbow Trust. The trust is a charity that supports music education, a thing very much marginalized. The man, the trust was named after, was a long time Marjon’s teacher, a Director of Music and very respected music professor. The books are: ‘Bernarr Rainbow on Music’ that is a collection of his memoirs and writings. Even that I never studied music, I am always interested in stories of people lives. Very often it would reveal details of day-to-day existence you would never consider before and the book is worth checking for that bit alone. ‘Music Education in Crisis’ that is a gathering of Rainbow’s lectures, a bit too hard for me to understand, but of great interest to someone that is serious about studying music. The last one is ‘Words and Music’ which is Dickinson’s own experiences of life immersed in music. Among them are the recollection of his meeting with W.H. Auden and Philip Larkin and insight on being a British composer living in 20th century. I must say, that I am a musical ignoramus and music is the only form of art that I could never do. But I have to admit that this is interesting stuff. Have you ever tried to read three books at once? That is a little bit difficult. But I was instantly reminded of the fact that the beginnings of our university is very much connected to music.
It is rarely that we have new books submitted as a donation. So, to Peter Dickinson who so generously bought them for us: Thank you sir, you are a star.


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