Devon Record Office index


Sometimes, random items trickle down to us from the library. Somebody would pop in and leave something that I can’t understand why we should have it. I can’t even understand why our library would have it. But here it is: the guide to Devon Record Office. This is not a massive book, but think about it for a second: It is a 100-page book of nothing but lists of things that are contained within the records and the ways to find them within the collection. I am writing similar things often- I list documents or pictures and where to find them, one by one. This book just says: land registries-over there, historical land disputes- over yonder. And it’s only the first part, the thing itself must be huge! Or at least, it was. How is your digitization Devon Record Office?
Well, apparently not too bad. There is a clear online presence with access to many records that are mentioned in this guide. Alright!

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