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When a pin is not enough

Chunky's sports kit

Chunky’s sports kit

I don’t have many mementoes from my time as a Marjon student. Apart from a copy of my dissertation and a library car, the only thing is a pin in the shape of Marjon’s coat-of-arms. But for some people such trifles are not enough.
Imagine Mr E Godin, a Kensington-living, pillar-of-the-community type of guy. However, in history he will go down as ‘Chunky’, a Marjon student, president of the student’s union 1969. Chunky would not stop at a pin, in fact we have just received a box of goodies that he took with him as he left Marjon. In our possession is now a part of his sports kit- a rugby polo, a scarf

Sports Challenge Shield

Sports Challenge Shield

and a pair of socks (unused, thank goodness!:-)) and a wooden trophy shield. On the shield it says: St John’s College, Battersea1903-1904 Intercollege Sports Challenge Shield. So in 1969 it would already be a something- sixty-year old memento from before the two colleges merged. I’m dying to hear how did Chunky got hold of it.
And what about you? What did you take to remember your university by?

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