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It’s Graduation time!

With this year’s graduation ceremonies approaching, I thought to take a stroll down the memory lane to look at the graduations in the past. I went looking into the graduation ceremony in 1984. Back then there was only one ceremony and the names of all graduants could fit in three pages of A6 paper with only a handful of diploma titles. We surely come a long way since then, especially when I look at the list of diplomas that needs six ceremonies to give them all.

For the longest time we didn’t have the right to grant diplomas on our own. Before Marjon moved to Plymouth, our diplomas were accredited by the University of London. After the move it was the University of Exeter. That’s why sometimes people are mentioned to be students of one of those, instead of Marjon. Including Andrew Salkey, who I wrote about in my Black History Month post.

I had a look at our honorary graduates. We have some impressive figures among them: nobility, actors, authors, bishops, sport persons, foreign politicians and what interested me the most, the first British astronaut.

I looked at pictures taken on the graduation day in 1999. All those people who were once where I am now and where I will be next year. I wonder what are they doing now, are they successful and do they miss Marjon?

All pictures with grateful thanks to Tony Carney, Acme Photographic Agency:

Does this hat make my head look big?:-)

Does this hat make my head look big?:-)

Alright! We made it!

Alright! We made it!

Smiles and relief- that's what graduation is all about

Smiles and relief- that’s what graduation is all about

A short update on Tenison Chair- The archives have received a letter from the Antique Chairs & Museum concerning the chair.  ‘It’s obviously a chair with history and worth restoring’ they said. No signs of Hitch yet, but I keep my fingers crossed. Of course, our venerable artefact will also have a role in the graduation ceremony.

To all who are about to receive their diplomas this year- break a leg!:-)


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