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Donated Voice


A private record made at Marjon

What would you donate to archives? Documents? Letters? Publications? Sure, that’s what we usually get. Unlkie other archives we also accept objects, like uniforms, badges, plaques. Stuff that is more likely to be found in museums. Also on ebay, if the original owner was famous, with a price tag to give Blill Gates a heart attack.:-)
Some things arrived that used to belong to John Atkinson, who was Marjon student in the years 1959-1962. And for the most part, those are typical things, a small tower of year books, a really long group photo, some copies of his letters. He wasn’t a celebrity, just a music teacher doing his best to inspire his students. His only chance at fame was shot down when BBC (which he used to fondly refer to as ‘Berlin Broadcasting Company’) wouldn’t put him on the box.
But there is one thing that is unique among his things. You open an envelope and there is this vinyl record inside. The label says: Ascension Day 1959, Sung Eucharist. A private recording of him singing. Not only were his words given to us, or the likeness in the old picture, but also his voice. Hey Mister Atkinson, aren’t you glad? ‘Non omnis moriar…’


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