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Moody Music

Since the archive’s sweatshop are running constantly producing poppies like there was no tomorrow I decided to relax for a while and maybe turn to something that can actually speak for itself. I admit that about music theory I know exactly three things: zip, zilch and nada. But they say that the music soothes wild beasts so I too can just admire without a strain. Once upon a time, Marjon was even teaching music and the archives still have their music sheets. I can’t read them of course, but so it happens that this time I don’t need to. Thanks to some talented people, music of Marjon students came back to life after a hundred years. There is an excellent learning source about one Ben Moody, developed by Adam Read, Simon Longstaff and our own Gillian Fewings, with special thanks to Tim Sayer. Ben Moody was normal Marjon student- a room monitor, rugby player, and a Volunteer. He is included in one of the scrapbooks so we know exactly how he looked like. But in the end, the thing that earned gained life of it0s own is his music (or somebody that was like him, it’s hard to say as no one thought about signing sheets).
So today no long histories, no mountain of photos. Just the music of those that were students of Marjon century ago. Pleasant listening!


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