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101th Thing You Wouldn’t Expect to Be Doing in Archives


Arts and crafts is a skill useful for a Marjon archives’ volunteer

I have written on many occasions that we’re not the normal, run-of-the-mill, dusty and dark archives. Ok, we have plenty of dust and I could get a dark corner or two if I had to. But with the people we have contributing we’re nothing like some archives I know (I’m looking at you University of the Capital of Devon!). And the 101th thing you wouldn’t expect to be doing in the archives is…flattening bottlecaps. And before you start calling mental health crisis team on us, let me explain. Soon we will have a major action that combines recycling with the Remembrance Day (I bet you never expected to hear those two words in one sentence:-)). Operation Poppyfield is an action that aims to build a poppy field from discarded bottlecaps in honour of the students that gave their lives in the wars. The bottlecaps need to be flattered, painted red and mounted on a stick to make a recycled poppy. We have issued a challenge to residence halls to collect as many bottlecaps as possible. *shameless braging alert* And if you’ll be on campus anytime soon, keep an eye out for the flyers advertising the action. They were designed by yours truly. *end of shameless bragging* We need over 1000 bottlecaps to make the field happen and let me tell you, that’s A LOT of flattening.


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