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8 quirky things about Marjon

The new academic year is just around the corner and I still can’t believe it will go on without me :-(.
For some it is the beginning of their relationship with Marjon. So for all those who are just joining: here is what makes Marjon- Marjon.
1. The mysterious machine.

mysteriousmachineFrom the depths of our storages comes this mysterious machine. For the longest time it was a part of our scientific equipment, until everyone forgot what it is and what it was
used for. This handmade apparatus was speculated to be some kind of distillation
device until finally proven by its documentation to be a device to
experiment upon the thermal conductivity of copper under different conditions


2. Chelsea site model

MarjonChelseamodelFor the longest time this was the face of Marjon. It doesn’t look it now, but Marjon
is old. This model of the old campus that was situated in the middle of Chelsea,
London is here to always remind us that while buildings and places change, our
spirit doesn’t.
3. The Marjon Cup
marjoncupMarjon was always very involved in sports and once upon a time it used to award its own trophy. Here it is- The Marjon Cup, a sizable reward for those who earned it. I’m not very sporty, but even I would be tempted:-)






4. Marjon International
malaysiapictureAs I wrote before– we have many international ties. People around the world come over to study for their diplomas. Sometimes they leave souvenirs and leave their mark on Marjon.



5. The timetables of doom

oldtimetableEvery student thinks that their schedule is busy. Well, I’m sure that past students would laugh that statement off. Here is a timetable from a hundred years ago. Every waking moment was framed within rigorous plan of study, work and prayer. I doubt that many people could stand that today.





6. Marjon the beautiful
marjoninsnowMarjon grounds are beautiful. With its lush and manicured Quad area, with the hidden grove and pond, and with its new apple orchard. But the prettiest Marjon sight it its chapel after the heavy snowfall. This is my favourite picture of it.


7. The war hospital

warhospitalEverybody and their little dog enjoy a good war story. Marjon has many stories of men that fought and died in both world wars. But that’s not all. The buildings have stories to tell too. For example: the old college building used to be a hospital during the WWI. If only the buildings could talk.





8. Macro- and micro- media

mediaMarjon was always good with its media. Here it is a small display what kind of things people was working with: Huge master tapes, ancient betamaxes, a little more modern VHS tapes and nearly recent DVD. Those tiny tapes laid in a pyramid are master tapes for VHS hand-held cameras, a technology many of the fresh students might be unfamiliar with.

And now, if you want to see all of the above, you can do so. There is a display put up in the reception area of the library. Look for two tall glass cases, one on the lef of the reception desk and one on the right of the exit.


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